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Welcome to Kelsey Creek Senior Care Centre. We offer a new way of living environment for seniors. Our community in Bellevue is lively and full of activities that seniors love in our living area. Seniors can keep their independence and enjoy the range of activities that match their interests. Our aim is to improve the quality of seniors life in a supportive and caring community.

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Kelsey Creek Senior Care, LLC located in Bellevue, WA. This is a family-owned Adult Family Homes.

Debbie Schwartz
Debbie Schwartz
June 3, 2024
For over 4 years my mom received excellent and loving care from Kelsey Creek Senior Care. The location of this beautiful home, delicious meals, professional care and family atmosphere created a wonderful place for her. We are so grateful we found Kelsey Creek.
Ben Capusan
Ben Capusan
June 3, 2024
This facility provides all necessary services. KCSC is convenient, 24 hour staff, home cooked meals and with Overlake hospital and Kaiser Permanente within minutes away from this home. Can’t imagine a better place for your loved ones.
Lee Matthews
Lee Matthews
May 3, 2024
Kelsey Creek Senior Care is an amazing place for your elderly loved one’s care. Home cooked meals, loving environment, outstanding care, and an extremely clean and beautiful home with spacious rooms. Ben and Sabina made my father feel like part of their family. I always asked them to save a space for me. Thank you Ben and Sabina for your amazing care of my father…we are truly blessed!
Carol K
Carol K
August 1, 2018
Adult Family Home. Couldn't be happier with the care our mother receives at Kelsey Creek. It is a kind, loving environment where the clients are the priority.💜
Pop Free
Pop Free
February 16, 2018
Vio Berari
Vio Berari
February 3, 2018
Great care and service
Kimberli Havok
Kimberli Havok
August 22, 2017
Professional, polite, very clean

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About Us

Maintain Your Independence at Kelsey Creek in Bellevue

Are you looking for an senior living facility in Bellevue that allows seniors to maintain their independence? You have come to the right place. Located in the heart of Bellevue, Kelsey Creek Senior Care provides a warm and welcoming community where elders can live their best lives.

We understand that independence is important to you, and having help when you need it gives you peace of mind. Home to multiple senior living care facilities, in Bellevue, we offer a unique environment where you can enjoy independent living with care.

Join us at Kelsey Creek Senior Care and enjoy your retirement in a home-like community.

Our Mission

We empower seniors to live their best lives through respectful, individualized care and meaningful connections. Our inclusive healthcare fosters a supportive environment where every resident feels valued and receives quality care.

Our Services For Seniors in Bellevue

Supportive Care for Life

Assisted Living

Personal care with daily living skills, social interaction and community living.

Memory Care

Nursing home focusing on serving the elderly with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Nursing Homes

A full service residential care facility for elderly who require ongoing assistance.

Respite Care

Temporary relief for caregivers, offering short-term senior care in a safe and comfortable setting.​

Hospice Care

Relief from pain and emotions for patients and families in the terminal phase of a disease.

Home Health Care

Health care services that help to foster independence and wellness at home.

Our Adult Family Home

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Why Choose Kelsey Creek Senior Care

Senior Care is Not Our Job It’s Pride

Years of Experience (20+ Years)

With over 20 years of experience, we understand the unique needs of seniors and are dedicated to providing the highest quality care. Our experienced staff deliver exceptional services, ensuring your loved ones receives support they deserve.

Professional Care

At adults family home, our skilled staff is dedicated to your loved one's well-being. We offer both everyday assistance and specialized medical care to retired citizens, ensuring their comfort, health, and dignity.

Affordable Price

Kelsey Creek Senior Care believes quality care shouldn't break the bank. We offer affordable rates and flexible payment options, ensuring your loved one receives the care they deserve without financial burden.

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